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Skydive canopy lineset

Canopy Lines

Canopy lines for reline. Check it out! Linesets from Performance designs, NZ Aerosports, Icarus canopies, Firebird Paratec and more. Keep safe and trimmed to perfection. If you need a different brake settings, don’t forget to ask.


Rig Parts

We have main pilot chutes, swooping risers, tandem drogues, closing loops, main deployment bags, and much more.

Skydiving Gear

We have weightbelts, gloves, handicam gloves, RDS sliders, magnetic slider keepers, belly,frteefly handles and all the stuff you need to look cool at the dropzone. 

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Skydiving Gear 

Rig Parts

Extreme X1 sport Skydive Rig

Extreme X1 Sport

Extreme Comfort in a cool design , with loads of extras!

With custom embroideries your rig will turn heads at the drop zone.


Extreme X1 Student

Outstanding durability  thanks to top materials especially the ballistics cordura, always regarding design, comfort and safety above all.

Extreme X1 Tandem

Comfortable and with great design, it has a main deployment disk system for outstanding safety and a great Belly to earth position during your tandem jump. It’s soooo comfortable you won’t believe this Ballistics cordura workHorse is so durable.