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 Skydive Gear Shop

Yes! This is a different kind of Shop

Welcome to your Skydiving Gear Shop in Europe. Here you’ll find all kinds of customized gear, parts and items that wear and tear while you Skydive.

We also specialize in extensive repair and authorized gear mods.

Do you have a crazy idea? Talk to us! We might be able to make it true!

Skydive canopy lineset

Canopy Lines

Canopy lines for reline. Check it out! Linesets from Performance designs, NZ Aerosports, Icarus canopies, Firebird Paratec and more. Keep safe and trimmed to perfection. If you need a different brake settings, don’t forget to ask.


Rig Parts

We have main pilot chutes, swooping risers, tandem drogues, closing loops, main deployment bags, and much more.

Skydiving Gear

We have weightbelts, gloves, handicam gloves, RDS sliders, magnetic slider keepers, belly,frteefly handles and all the stuff you need to look cool at the dropzone. 

Extreme X1 

Sports, Student or Tandem versions. We are proud to build our rig in our facilities, made from tip grade materials like the beutifull and shiny Ballistics cordura, and with special attention to safety and comfort. All the rigs are extra padded for comfort, including our tandem workhorse. As skydivers ourselves, we know how hard it is to carry tandems all day long with a unpadded rig. 

Extra Comfortable

Proprietary MARD system Included

Made out of durable Ballistics Cordura


We Are More Than Just a Shop!


We are a Factory and a Rigger loft. Here we build our own Rig , the Extreme X 1 ( Sports, Student and tandem rig). We also build compatible high quality aftermarket parts, lique pilot chutes, Deployment bags, weighbelts, you name it. 

We started out, long ago as a Rigger loft, and we still dedicate our love and attention to your rig, from periodic inspection, reserve repack, porosity test, adjustments and repairs. Come and meet us. You’ll learn a lot! 


Come Visit us!

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We’re usually open but….we are skydivers too, and you might not find us here every single day, so give us a caller or WhatsApp us to check if we’re in 😉

Portuguese and Spanish :

+351 965423871

English and Spanish:

+351 964504048



Av Infante Dom Henrique, nº14 Lj 1, 2660-454, St António dos Cavaleiros, Portugal


Open 9am-6pm on Week days
Closed on Holidays


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We Are More Than Just a Shop!

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